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Girl Scouts of America
The Girl Scouts of America are marvellously allowing transgender girls (male-to-female) to join their ranks :) However, this group and their associates have decided that hate and discrimination are better ideologies for the Girl Scouts.
Children are innocent. Don't subject them to your transphobia or hatred. Let the adults shoulder that if you really have to throw your faeces at someone.
All I can think of is how hurt these poor little girl scouts must be. They already deal with enough, being born in the wrong body. Now you're telling them that they're bad people for something that they can't help? I'll tell you what. I wouldn't feel safe sending my daughter into a girl scout troop with a bunch of hateful Bible thumpers. I'd much rather send my daughter in with a troop that offers positive messages of un-conditional love and acceptance for mankind.
Keep in mind that the same group is trying to boycott the Girl Scouts
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Anyone else have this problem?
11:00pm, just out of the shower, dry off, check email, turn off lights…. OH GOD WHAT'S THAT!!!! *panicked freeze* Oh, it's just my desk chair. It looks very menacing in the dark. Fuck you, desk chair. *Kick menacing, shadowy desk chair, start peeling back the bed sheets, get more and more afraid every second I'm not buried under the covers, don't care if it's too hot, must get under magical blanket shield. Build pillow fortress around me to keep out the monsters* What's that? What is that!? WHAT IS THAT!? OH GOD IT'S MOVING!!!! …because it's my own foot. Derp. Get a grip Bobbie Jean, you're an adult for fuck's sake. There is nothing to be afraid of. *Make sure feet are tucked in anyway. ~brrsshhh~ WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!?!?! *panic-freeze* ~brrssshhhh~ hide under covers* OH GOD SOMETHING IS TOUCHING ME!!! SOMETHING IS TOUCHING ME!!! *flail-panic, catapults family cat across the room* ………….Sorry, Bilbo. *Try not to think of scary things*
…10 minutes later
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Hey anyone bothering to read this! I'm not really sure if this will show up the way I mean it to since it's my first journal, but I've decided that I don't really care.

Okay, so I recently managed to get myself a tablet. It's awesome and I'm starting to get used to it, but now that I'm starting to seriously try to draw on it I'm noticing that it looks way different than the styles of a lot of the amazing artists using digital art here. Does anyone have any recommendations for what software I should use when I'm drawing? Right now I'm tinkering around on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 but I think I may download something else.

Comment with your opinions!

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I'm a high school student who is never going to be allowed to study any sort of art in college but draws constantly anyway, to my parents' annoyance. My uncle is an artist and I wish I were as good as he is, but I don't think I'll get there. For now, I'll just be posting random fanart and possibly some cartoons.


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